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03-17-2012, 09:16 AM
MN Four Wheel Drive Members:

The Phase II forest OHV trail designation process continues. Please stay tuned and respond to directives.

We need member comments on two separate planning processes for different parts of these Pine County Forests - one is for the Matthew Lourey Trail (MLT) state trail, and one is for the forest trails.

Deadline for comments on the State Forest Trail is March 19th.

Deadline for MLT Master Plan Amendment is March 30th.

You can cut the sample comment below and send it to the address provided. Please do this today if you can.

Brief Background:
The Pine county State Forest Trail and Management Revisions is open for public scoping comments until March 19th. See: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/input/mgmtplans/ohv/designation/revisions.html
Rick Langness and Eric Grui did a ride along with DNR trail officials late last month and identified several trails that they wanted to see open for ORV use as well as a couple gravel pits ORV trails. The DNR leaders passed that information along to the other DNR area team members.

The Matthew Lourey Trail Master Plan Amendment: Master plans are not amended very often and it is key for groups to ask for what they need in order to make connections. The draft amendment is now available for public review, with comments accepted through March 30, 2012.http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/input/mgmtplans/trails/matthew_lourey.html The MN4WDA had asked for information on a .2 mile connector that would provide connectivity to other forest roads and trails for ORV use in Nemadji.


In the Subject line put: Pine Co. ORV Trail Public Comment

Ms. Anderson:

We support Off Road Vehicle trails in the following areas, as part of the DNR Phase II forest designation process. Please add these comments to the public record:

In General Andrews we support:
1. Area north of town of Willow River using Freeway west forest Road to access proposed new loop and parallel trails to the west of Freeway West forest road

2. Section 36 of General Andrews with potential to partner with adjacent Pine County forest lands for trails.

In Nemadji we support:
1. east of the town of Kerrick along Park forest road are 2 - 3 gravel pits where they proposed short loops of more difficult sections of ORV only route.

2. the proposed to add ORV on route shared with ATVs and OHMs called Nemadji H trail, this would connect the Potlatch forest road with the South Extension forest road.(approx 2 miles narrow woodsy trail)

3. add ORV on route shared with ATVs and OHMs to connect from the Harlis forest road to the Northeast Extension road. (approx. 1.2 miles narrow woodsy trail) *note this trail needs the master plan for the MLT amended to allow ORV use on approx .2 miles for ORVs to access this forest trail to make a large loop for ORV use in the Nemadji on roads, the Gandy Dancer state trail and forest trails.

On the Matthew Lourey Trail Master Plan Amendment we support:

Adding ORV use on .2 miles of the MLT trail on map segment A-B of the amendment from the existing parking lot off of the Harlis Forest Road Trail head to the 1.5 miles of forest trail west of the MLT will allow ORVs to

1. stay on forest roads and trails to make a loop entirely within the Nemadji state forest.

2. share the trail head parking with other forest users”

Thank you.