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04-11-2011, 04:23 AM
Have fun wheeling while raising money for MS

Registration is now open for Crawl 4 the Cure 2011 taking place July 14-17th, 2011 in Gilbert, MN. This is the 7th year of this event and so far we have raised nearly $210,000 to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and this year we hope to reach the $250,000 mark.

The event takes place at the Iron Range Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area in Gilbert, MN July 14-17, 2011 and all are welcome. We camp at Sherwood Forest and this is a really fun, family-friendly event that you and your wheelin’ buddies won't want to miss. There is something for everyone from some of the most hard core rock crawls in the country to meandering trails through the woods for beginners. There are tons of great door prizes, a silent auction with lots of great swag, delicious BBQ dinners Friday and Saturday and more!

For information and registration check out http://www.crawl4cure.org. Registration is limited to 100 rigs so reserve your spot today!


Dave Lier

Twin City Off Road and Crawl 4 the Cure

04-20-2011, 06:00 PM
Thanks, Bruce!

05-12-2011, 07:51 PM
If you havent signed up for the Crawl yet, you better do so fast because they are approaching the limit already. You can register online at Crawl4Cure.org

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How many people are going this year?
Registration full yet?

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Looks like it was a blast, I will definitely have to make it next year.
How many truck showed up?

09-08-2011, 01:17 PM
Official 2011 Crawl 4 the Cure Recap

We did it! The final number is still being tallied with a few bills to be paid and last minute donations coming in, but all indications are that close to $60,000 will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MN Chapter as the result of the 7th Annual Crawl 4 the Cure. In addition to that, 98 pounds of food was given to Quad Cities Food Shelf and a pony tail was sacrificed for Locks of Love. What great examples of off-roaders doing good deeds and expecting absolutely nothing in return. I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community!

In the weeks leading up to this year’s event, we were staring at the distinct possibility of a Minnesota state government shutdown. This debacle threatened us all in a very real way because on July 1st, if our elected officials couldn’t do the job that they were put in place to accomplish, they would lock the gate to our trail system at the Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area in Gilbert, MN. The park that we off-roaders helped to develop, help to maintain, help to upgrade every year, and that WE PAY FOR with user fees and taxes, would be off limits to us!

Two weeks prior to the shutdown, I started the calls and emails to the DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr. Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain and I was not given the courtesy of a response until the day the shutdown actually happened. Several times a day for more than five weeks, I communicated with the MN4WDA Lobbyist, the Representative and Senator for the Iron Range area and anyone else that would listen to my plea. I worked relentlessly to do anything and everything in my power to get access to the park in the event of a shutdown, where on July 15th and 16th we were to take a record number of eager participants on guided off-road trail rides.
Finally, two days before the Crawl 4 the Cure was to begin, we were given a chance to go before the Judge to plead our case and request access to the Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area that is such an integral part of our event to raise money for the MS Society. We explained that if they would just allow us to enter the 1,200 acre park to drive our off-road trucks, buggies and Jeeps on the trails, that we helped to build, there would be no need for any staff or outside supervision. All that we asked was that they unlock the gate and assure us that we would not be ticketed for trespassing on the public land affectionately known as “Gilbert”. We had the full support of the City of Gilbert and their elected officials. We had the support of our friends that normally work at the park. We had more than 100 registered drivers, plus their families and friends and a literal army of volunteers that had worked for close to a year to put everything in place to make the event the most successful one yet. We had piles of door prizes and sponsorship money from companies like Motors-N-More, Dynotec Industries, Retrofoam of MN and Burnsville Off Road. We had a new website from Dealer Express and professional photographers lined up from Tonnis Photography to document the weekend. What we needed was for someone to throw us a bone and make the right decision.

Testimony was heard and we were determined that regardless of the decision, we would go on with the Crawl 4 the Cure as planned and raise as much money as possible to fight MS. On Wednesday while I was at Sherwood Forest Campground setting up our base camp, I received word that a decision was made; our request was DENIED. To say I was heartbroken would be putting it mildly. All the time and energy spent to put on a great event to benefit a good cause--and they said NO! (I later learned that no matter what we said during our testimony or how compelling the story was, we were going to be denied under direct orders from Governor Mark Dayton.)

People began rolling in to the campground Wednesday night, and they continued to come in droves throughout the day on Thursday. It was quite overwhelming and very encouraging. There was an energy that I had not seen at past events. Everyone was smiling and genuinely excited even though they had no idea if we were going trail riding or what we would be doing for three days if we couldn’t. We heard over and over, “It’s not about the trail riding; it’s about coming together and supporting a charity.” Wow! Thursday night in the campground was electric. It was so much more exciting this year with all of the controversy and the unknowns of what we were going to do since there was not a park to recreate in.

Thankfully, we had a “plan B”. The Northern Minnesota Jeepers (NMJ), a club made up mostly of off-roaders from the Gilbert Area and the Iron Range that have been instrumental in getting the park built and who have been working for more than 10 years on the state’s first Grant-in-aid OHV trail, Mesabi Mountain Trail, assured us that they would take care of things and make it happen. I’m here to tell you they did, and in a big way! It’s hard to put into words what a difference their help made but I can tell you that without NMJ and their friends we would have spent a lot more time trying to entertain ourselves in the campground or driving around on local dirt roads! Instead, participants were treated to trail rides in areas that most had never seen and they were fully supported through it all by the local crew from NMJ. There were a few rollovers, broken parts and stuck trucks but everyone made it back to camp safely to tell the stories of the day over dinner under the big white tent. We were glad to treat our last minute superheroes to a little dinner at one of our VIP tables that was originally purchased by Retrofoam of MN and then gifted to the guys from Northern MN Jeepers and their friends. I can’t thank that group enough for all of their support.

Friday evening was a lot of fun. The men and women from HTR 4x4 Club and Twin City Off Road (TCOR) cooked up burgers donated by Asian Foods on a huge charcoal grill that was trailered all the way from East Grand Forks by long-time participants from the River Wranglers club. The National Guard kept the 30+ kids entertained with their 64-foot long inflatable obstacle course and huge four station rock climbing wall. There was face painting, goodie bags and lots of smiling, happy faces. VIPs made extra donations for the privilege of being waited on throughout the evening by volunteers and to be served dinner on china dishes and actual silverware while sipping wine and ice water in real glasses all donated by Chumly’s on Main in Waconia. Silent auction tables were stacked with wares all donated by businesses, volunteers and participants and close to 300 people were brought together to do something great.

Saturday morning we put together a group of more than 75 rigs and headed to town for a group photo with Mayor Don Bellerud and his wife in front of Gilbert City Hall. With the help of the Gilbert Police, we literally took over the main drag and we were able to thank Mayor Bellerud as a group and in person while creating a really cool photo opportunity to immortalize Crawl 4 the Cure in the town of Gilbert, MN. We then got a police escort to lead us to the locked gate at the closed Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area to snap more group pictures and make a statement to those people that had denied us access to our trail system and let down so many enthusiasts. For many of us, the sign held high by Shane Vizenor of the River Wranglers on top of his huge 54” tired off-road buggy “Lil Nasty” summed it up perfectly: “WTF?”. Indeed! We showed them that they could keep us out, but they certainly could not keep us down!

The remainder of Saturday brought even more great activities, including some of the women taking over the trails on the “Ladies Ride” put together by Richard and Katherine Gorr, a couple which was actually married at Crawl 4 the Cure four years ago. Wives, moms, daughters, sisters and friends got behind the wheel and drove the heck out of their rigs and had a great time showing the men how it should be done. There were families at the nearby Lake Ore B Gone beach and thrill seekers jumping off the newly opened to the public cliffs surrounding the crystal clear spring fed lake. A few participants even brought boats or ATVs in lieu of their trail rigs to make the best of their time in Gilbert. Regardless of what people chose to do, there is no doubt that they all had fun doing it.

09-08-2011, 01:17 PM
Saturday evening’s pig roast banquet from Dynotec Industries was the highlight of the weekend and an evening that will not soon be forgotten. Holly Anderson, the President of the MN Chapter of the National MS Society, was on hand and seemed extremely pleased to personally see the event that had brought in more than $209,000 to their organization over the prior six years. Awards were given out for Best Engineered (Josh Sutherland for his custom Willy’s buggy), Worst Broke (Chris Clements for multiple broken drive train parts) and Sportsman of the Year (Brian Gardner for his work in encouraging a first timer that drove from Illinois out on the trail). Liz and Kurt Ganrud from Rockbottom 4x4 of Hastings, MN raised more than $3,500 to receive the Hope Award, the award given out for the largest fundraisers at the event. They even managed to raise an extra $1,000 during dinner. Simply unbelievable!

The banquet continued as door prizes donated by local and national businesses were awarded to participants who earned raffle tickets based on the amount of fundraising they accomplished. A Jeep Cherokee donated by Burnsville Off Road was raffled off and the winners, Eric and Tiffany Jones were heard screaming with joy when they got the phone call to give them the good news. Things continued to escalate when Dave Frieboth and Ryan Ganser offered to shave their heads if we could raise $2,000 on the spot. (This was a big deal since Dave had been growing his locks for more than five years!) Richard Gorr grabbed the microphone and within a matter of minutes the clippers were fired up, and Dave’s beloved pony tail was being held up like a trophy by Kari Lebrun, an MS sufferer who drove from Florida for the second year in a row to come to the event with her husband Philippe. Bidding then began for an enormous 4’x10’ trail map produced and donated by the Gorrs, and in the end, Phil from Florida, and Tim Lundquist, the owner of dinner sponsor Dynotec Industries, were in a fierce bidding war driving the final sale price up to $1,300 dollars! Afterwards, Rockbottom 4x4 Club treated everyone to ice-cold draft beer around a bonfire outside the tent. It was absolutely unforgettable.

On Sunday, everyone packed up and headed home. It’s funny, but when people leave the event they drive around the entire campground and wave goodbye to everyone, stopping to shake hands and to tell one last story about the good times they had over the long weekend. It’s a really good feeling knowing that so many people are excited to return the next year. Who knows what will happen, or what impromptu events will take place, but I know one thing, we’ll all have a great time and continue to raise money for such a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone that helped to make this event so special.

John Johnson
HTR 4x4 Club and Crawl 4 the Cure

Check out pics from participants and Tonnis Photography at crawl4cure.org!

The final total: We raised $57,179.72 this year!

The MS Society couldn't say thanks enough. So to all of you that donated & helped: THANK YOU!

09-25-2011, 08:15 PM
Thanks for getting that posted up here.