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Thread: Bruce's MS Award

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    Bruce's MS Award

    Congratulations on your award from the MS Society.

    You have worked hard and put many hours in to help set up the Mud Run and make it a great success.

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    This is part of the article

    Bruce Gunderson
    Mud Run Multiple Sclerosis Twin Cities


    The Twin Cities Mud Run is not your typical weekend footrace, unless “typical” means slogging through a mud pit, climbing up hills, and being blasted by a hose down a giant slip ‘n slide. The 10K adventure race is a team fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Minnesota Chapter and is as ridiculously fun as it is challenging.

    One of the driving forces behind this event is volunteer Bruce Gunderson, who made the first Mud Run possible in 2010 by fostering relationships between the National MS Society, Trollhaugen Ski & Snowboard Resort, and the Minnesota 4-Wheel Drive Association, of which he serves as president. He not only spent two weeks camping at Trollhaugen while building the obstacle course, he secured in-kind donations (including some of the tools and materials necessary for the course) and recruited 15 of his off-roading friends to provide transportation to volunteers the day of the event, then supervised those volunteers. His group of friends took it a step further by paying for radio rentals during the Mud Run so that volunteers could be well-connected should they need to radio for help.

    According to Anna Kucera with the National MS Society, Minnesota Chapter, Bruce is “incredibly generous and hardworking, expects nothing in return for his efforts, and makes it his job to see that everyone around him has a great time at this event.”

    Most participants who finish the race cross the muddy finish line with huge smiles on their faces. And whether they realize it or not, Bruce Gunderson has a lot to do with that.

    I would like to thank Bruce for getting us some positive press for once, most people have no idea how much effort he puts in to making this event happen.

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    I should really pay better attention as to which magazine that was in. I, of course, bought the wrong one....
    Congrats, Bruce.
    Kevin in Brooklyn Park

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