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Thread: Posting up Association Rides

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    Posting up Association Rides

    It seems to me that it would serve all of us if Clubs that are hosting Events/Rides would start posting them up again.

    Or if you forward the info to me, I'll do it for you. I'm getting so tired of spending hours souring websites/facebook pages looking for events, when it could be so easily solved to everyone's benefit.


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    I agree it would be nice to see more traffic or a singular source for events.

    Here is a link to the MN4WDA Calendar >>> LINK

    Crossing over to MN-Jeep and stealing Mr. N's work >>> LINK

    Updated July 11th

    Mr. N.

    These events are publicly posted.

    -> Event info and dates should be good but double check by you before traveling <-

    2014 Dates around MN & WI
    Feb 1st - River Falls Winter run - River Falls, WI Link
    Feb 22, 23 -> Canceled <- RPM Winter Run - New Auburn, WI Link
    Mar 1st -> Canceled <- Go 4's Winter Run - Dresser, WI Link
    Mar 29 - Snowdeo - Rice, MN -> Date moved <- Link
    April 12 - MN4WDA Swap Meet - Anoka county fairgrounds MN Link

    April 26 - 27 - MN4WDA Convention - Hill City, MN Link

    May 17 - Open House @ the IROHVRA (Gilbert) Link . . . 2nd Link

    May 23-26 - Memorial Weekend, Dresser, WI Link

    June 7 - National Trail Day

    June 14-15 - RPM Summer Run - New Auburn, WI Link

    June 28 - <non-trail ride event> Bib-Fest II, a C4C fund raiser - Hudson, WI Link

    July 3rd through the 6th. 4th of July weekend - Frontenac farms, Frontenac, MN

    July 17-20 - 10th Annual Crawl 4 the Cure - Gilbert, MN Link

    July 26-27 - RPM Summer Run - New Auburn, WI Link

    Aug 22-24 - Go 4's Midwest Weekend @ Trollhaugen - Dresser, WI Link

    August 29 through September 1st. labor day weekend - Frontenac farms, Frontenac, MN

    Sept 26-28 - MN Trailriders Fall Run - River Falls, WI Link (Link has video's of past runs)

    Oct 4-5 - Go 4's Go-4-It-All @ Trollhaugen - Dresser WI Link

    Oct 17-19 - Rochester Rough Riders Toys For Tots - Rochester, MN

    October 24th through 26th. Toys for tots. - Frontenac farms, Frontenac, MN


    Non Local events
    Feb 7th - King of the Hammers Link
    March 9-14 -ANYTHING GOES 4WHEELERS trip - Moab, UT Link this thread post #4
    April 12-20 - Easter Jeep Safari Moab, UT Link

    - Dakota Territory run
    June 20-21 - Badlands UMC - Attica, IN Link
    July 27 - Aug 2 - Colorado All-4-Fun - Silverton, Colorado Link
    - Dakota Territory Challenge - Applications are out - Link
    Southern Rock Racing Series - South, see link Link
    Superlift Park Event schedule - Hot Springs, AR - Link

    Other Sources
    MN4WDA Calendar
    MN4WDA Trails & ORV Parks forum
    Pirate4x4 - North Central
    MN DNR OHV riding in Minnesota


    Last years events
    date - RRR Spring Swap Meet - Douglas MN Link
    date – RRR 1st Rose Mud Race, Douglass MN Link
    date - Memorial Weekend - Frontenac, MN
    date - River Wranglers Run, East Grand Forks MN Link
    date - Borderline 4x4 Trailseekers 4th of July Open Run, Frontenac, MN
    date - MS Mud Run, Dresser WI Link
    date - Iron Rock Off Road Customer Appreciation, Gilbert MN Link

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